Flexograph printing

Flexographic printing is an high-pressure process and is based on the principle that a printing plate is colored with printing ink and the color is transferred to the plastic film by pressing it on. With a so-called reverse printing, the print is on the inside and the print image has a special effect (gloss and color intensity) due to the transparent outer layer of the film. In contreast, with face printing the print is on the outside of the printed film. With interply printing, the print image lies between two or more layers of film. For this purpose, after the reverse printing another film is apllied using a lamination process. This has now become the standard procedure in the food sector.

Our service profil

  • Print up to 8 colors „high-quality!"
  • Short and large editions in short delivery times
  • Solvent-free film lamination
  • OPP / PE, PET / PE, OPP / OPP
  • Reel cutter for bags on roll