Plug & Pack System: Machine and Bags

  • the most flexible packaging system worldwide

  • shortest setup- times for all bag sizes and bag shape

  • Bags and Packaging Machine produced by system supplier

  • taylormade machine layout and system integration

  • DIY, automotive, food, MedTec, industry, craft

Plug & Pack Packaging Machine


  • flexible, simple, efficent
  • minimum setup-time (<30s) => maximum flexibility
  • for small and big quantities
  • wide range of bag sizes (50x50 mm - 440x800 mm)
  • tailormade with many additional features
  • external dosing-counting-weighing systems availablee


Bagging machine station
Plug & Pack machine options
Plug&Pack Options

Plug & Pack© Bag

Bag for Plug & Pack machine
Plug & Pack bags