Cleanroom Packaging

Cleanroompackaging: cleanroom-bags and cleanroom-film
Flexible Plug&Pack System to automate cleanroom packaging process

Protection against contamination

  • Films and Bags produced in cleanroom production stops contamination risks within the cleanroom-value-chain
  • Primàˆry and secondary packaging
  • applications: all industrie where cleanroom-facilities are in use s.e. pharmaceutical industry, medical devices, chemicals, food, automotive, pumps, valves
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Tested Device

  • STRUBL CLEANROOM-Packaging has been certified bei Fraunhofer IPA as TESTED DEVICE 
  • our CLEANROOM-Packaging is suitable at best for cleanroom class ISO 5 or ISO 3

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Less risk with cleanroom packaging

  • packaging may cause contamination of finished products
  • cleanroom packaging stops the risk of contamination
  • packaging materials, used in a cleanroom atmosphere have to be produced with the same qualitiy approach


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